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1 qst200223_msg0001 84 Harghal, why are you mixing yourself up in all this shady business?
2 qst200223_msg0002 84 Everyone's worried about you. Your old friend Krujah. Your own mother!
3 qst200223_msg0003 84 ...I need the money. That's all.
4 qst200223_msg0004 84 If this plan works out, I'll be able to make a mountain of cash.
5 qst200223_msg0005 84 A single can of Bolla Bolla has the power of ten Pollen Orbs, you know?
6 qst200223_msg0007 84 All sorts of people would pay a high price for such a potent drink.
7 qst200223_msg0008 84 Even without Bana, I won't have to worry about money any more.
8 qst200223_msg0009 84 Why is money so important to you?!
9 qst200223_msg0010 84 Why is money important?! Money is everything in this world!
10 qst200223_msg0011 84 Without money, you can't get anything for yourself. Least of all happiness.
11 qst200223_msg0012 84 If you met my mother, you should know that. She needs money just to stop her sickness from killing her!
12 qst200223_msg0013 84 And where do you get off, anyway?! Going on about your precious "justice"!
13 qst200223_msg0014 84 I know smuggling isn't something to be proud of! But what choice do I have?!
14 qst200223_msg0015 84 It's the only way I can get the money I need!
15 qst200223_msg0016 84 Do you really believe earning money in this way will bring you happiness?!
16 qst200223_msg0017 84 Will dirty money really buy happiness for the people you care about?!