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1 qst200217_msg0001 84 Looks like Harghal was planning to use Tantal as a base to smuggle Pollen Orbs out all around the world.
2 qst200217_msg0003 84 Tantal has only recently opened up to contact with other nations, after all.
3 qst200217_msg0004 84 Trading procedures are not yet well established, so suspicious substances would be difficult to trace.
4 qst200217_msg0005 84 Trying to conduct shady business in my homeland, eh? I'll be having none of that!
5 qst200217_msg0006 84 This Harghal girl should be showing up in Genbu Port to collect the goods, so we'll catch her in the act!
6 qst200217_msg0007 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Haaaahhhhhhh! I will pass judgment on every last villain involved in this crooked affair!