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1 qst200216_msg0001 84 All right, that should do nicely! Right in time for me to set sail.
2 qst200216_msg0002 84 Wouldn't want to keep the client waiting.
3 qst200216_msg0003 84 Where are you taking this cargo exactly?
4 qst200216_msg0004 84 Genbu Port in Tantal.
5 qst200216_msg0005 84 Do you know the client personally?
6 qst200216_msg0006 84 Ships like mine transport all sorts of different goods from a bunch of clients.
7 qst200216_msg0007 84 So I'm afraid I don't really know much about the people I'm working for.
8 qst200216_msg0008 84 I see...
9 qst200216_msg0009 84 Where are you handing over this cargo, then?
10 qst200216_msg0010 84 All I do is unload them at the port. None of my business what happens afterwards. Why d'you want to know?
11 qst200216_msg0011 84 No, don't worry about it.
12 qst200216_msg0012 84 Well then, I'd better get going. Thanks for your help!