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1 qst200214_msg0001 84 You're Tuvarri, right? Jaruru told us about you.
2 qst200214_msg0002 84 Oh, Jaruru sent you? Perfect timing.
3 qst200214_msg0003 84 I was just running into a bit of a snag. We don't have enough cargo - could you go and fetch some more for me?
4 qst200214_msg0004 84 Excuse me?! I would never collude in illegal smuggl-
5 qst200214_msg0005 84 Shh! Shhhhhh! Hang on a moment, Godfrey!
6 qst200214_msg0006 84 What is the matter, Nia? I was just about to set this man on the straight and...
7 qst200214_msg0007 84 Look, Godfrey. We don't even know if this guy knows about the smuggling yet, do we? He could be innocent!
8 qst200214_msg0008 84 What?! An innocent man?!
9 qst200214_msg0009 84 Jaruru said the herbs would be hidden in regular cargo, right? Let's play dumb for now and see where he takes them.
10 qst200214_msg0010 84 Urghhh... I suppose that does follow a certain logic...
11 qst200214_msg0011 84 You can count on us to pick up the cargo, Mr. Tuvarri. What exactly do you need us to fetch?
12 qst200214_msg0012 84 Let's see... We're missing two Titanic Craniums, and five Ancient Chalices.
13 qst200214_msg0013 84 If you don't have any handy, you should be able to find them by salvaging. But make it quick!
14 qst200214_msg0014 84 Guaaaaarghhhhh! This doesn't sit right with me at all!!!
15 qst200214_msg0015 84 Wh-what the hell?! Is this guy all right, shouting out all of a sudden like that?!
16 qst200214_msg0016 84 Don't worry, it's nothing! We'll be right back!