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1 qst200208_msg0001 84 For some reason when I see that passionate look in your eyes, it reminds me of my husband...
2 qst200208_msg0002 84 Where is your husband now?
3 qst200208_msg0003 84 Oh, he went out to war a long while back. Got himself killed.
4 qst200208_msg0004 84 All he left behind for me and Harghal was a pile of debt.
5 qst200208_msg0005 84 And I've always been sickly, so I can't do much in the way of work.
6 qst200208_msg0006 84 So naturally we struggled to get by, and the debts just kept piling up.
7 qst200208_msg0007 84 It can't be easy raising a kid on your own, even without all that debt.
8 qst200208_msg0008 84 Then to make things worse, Harghal started saying she wanted to be a dancer instead of finding a proper job!
9 qst200208_msg0009 84 We wound up quarreling pretty much every day over that.
10 qst200208_msg0010 84 In the end, she got so sick of our life of poverty, she gave up on me and just left home entirely.
11 qst200208_msg0011 84 And that's how she became one of Bana's dancing girls...
12 qst200208_msg0043 84 In the end, apparently she did pretty well for herself.
13 qst200208_msg0012 84 She even sent money home every month for my medical bills.
14 qst200208_msg0013 84 Not that I did anything to deserve it...
15 qst200208_msg0014 84 I was never a good mother to her. I couldn't even support her when she tried to follow her dream.
16 qst200208_msg0015 84 I was so ashamed of myself for failing to make my daughter happy, I could hardly bear it.
17 qst200208_msg0016 84 Deep down, all I ever wanted was for her to be happy. I wanted her to be able to dance to her heart's content.
18 qst200208_msg0017 84 But I was never anything but a hindrance to her. With me around, happiness was always out of her reach.
19 qst200208_msg0018 84 Sometimes I wonder if she'd be better off if I weren't around any more...
20 qst200208_msg0019 84 You idiot!
21 qst200208_msg0020 84 You really think your daughter would be happy if you threw your life away?
22 qst200208_msg0021 84 You're her mother, for crying out loud! The only family she has!
23 qst200208_msg0022 84 You're the only person in this world who can look after her!
24 qst200208_msg0023 84 If you really care about your daughter...
25 qst200208_msg0024 84 Isn't it your job to watch over her and make a life together with her as best you can?
26 qst200208_msg0025 84're right, of course. I'm just setting a bad example for her, being so weak.
27 qst200208_msg0026 84 Really, I should be the one standing by her side no matter what.
28 qst200208_msg0027 84 If she ever comes home, I want to give her a proper apology.
29 qst200208_msg0028 84 And I'll ask her if she'd like to stay here and live together again.
30 qst200208_msg0029 84 That's more like it.
31 qst200208_msg0030 84 Oh, yes, that reminds me... I haven't seen Harghal in a long time, but she did send a letter recently.
32 qst200208_msg0031 84 A letter?
33 qst200208_msg0032 84 "I have a big deal going down in the Old City of Teddim. Soon I'll have a large sum of money."
34 qst200208_msg0033 84 "Once I have the cash, I'll come home." That's what it said.
35 qst200208_msg0034 84 But I haven't heard anything since, so I don't know what happened...
36 qst200208_msg0035 84 That's a bit worrying...
37 qst200208_msg0036 84 Listen... I know it's not my place to ask this, but...
38 qst200208_msg0037 84 If my daughter's doing anything dodgy, could you set her straight for me?
39 qst200208_msg0038 84 Of course. I'll do whatever I can!
40 qst200208_msg0039 84 If my burning heart of justice can't set your daughter on the straight and narrow, nothing can!
41 qst200208_msg0040 84 Right. Let's head to the Old City of Teddim and find this Harghal girl.
42 qst200208_msg0041 84 Don't be too harsh on her, all right?
43 qst200208_msg0042 84 I told you, I don't know or care where that hussy might be! Now scram!