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1 qst200206_msg0001 84 Harghal went back to live with her family in Alba Cavanich.
2 qst200206_msg0002 84 I don't know where she lived exactly, but her family aren't rich, so maybe that will point you in the right direction.
3 qst200206_msg0003 84 If you do find her, let her know how I'm doing, OK?
4 qst200206_msg0101 165 How shall we convince her?
5 qst200206_msg0102 165 With a passionate soul
6 qst200206_msg0103 165 With a soul of justice
7 qst200206_msg0104 165 With a kind soul
8 qst200206_msg0105 84 She was an incredible dancer - everyone's darling, Bana's favorite.
9 qst200206_msg0106 84 And then she betrayed me and just left! I couldn't care less about that skank!