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1 qst200205_msg0003 84 All this griping isn't going to solve anything. Tell us what happened!
2 qst200205_msg0004 84 That look in your eyes...there's a fierce passion behind it. Reminds me of Harghal, actually...
3 qst200205_msg0005 84 I loved dancing since I was a little girl. That's why I came to Argentum to make my fortune as a dancer.
4 qst200205_msg0006 84 I hit it off with Harghal right away, because we both had the same dream.
5 qst200205_msg0007 84 So you really were best friends.
6 qst200205_msg0008 84 Sure we were. We were practically inseparable. I told her everything.
7 qst200205_msg0009 84 But her talent was the real deal, and I...just couldn't compare.
8 qst200205_msg0010 84 While she was shining like a star on the stage, I was just lurking in her shadow.
9 qst200205_msg0037 84 She got all the attention from Bana, while I was just a tagalong.
10 qst200205_msg0011 84 Naturally, when Bana took a liking to you, it meant you got better pay.
11 qst200205_msg0012 84 She got the best of everything, and I wasn't too bad off either.
12 qst200205_msg0013 84 But then there was that huge scandal, and Bana was ruined.
13 qst200205_msg0014 84 After that, I couldn't support myself with dancing alone. I had to take up jobs at canteens and bars on the side.
14 qst200205_msg0015 84 But even so, I was satisfied. Because I was still dancing, still living the life I'd dreamed of.
15 qst200205_msg0016 84 It wasn't a glamorous or an easy life, but as long as I had my dancing and a friend like Harghal, I was still happy.
16 qst200205_msg0017 84 But as it turned out... Harghal didn't feel the same way.
17 qst200205_msg0018 84 It wasn't long before she got sick of our new situation. She said she'd had enough of dancing, and left Argentum.
18 qst200205_msg0019 84 What was Harghal so dissatisfied by?
19 qst200205_msg0020 84 No point asking me. I gave up thinking about her a long time ago.
20 qst200205_msg0021 84 Then do you at least have some idea where she might have gone? We need to find her.
21 qst200205_msg0022 84 She said she was going back to live with her family in Alba Cavanich.
22 qst200205_msg0023 84 In Mor Ardain... I guess we'll have to ask around there next.
23 qst200205_msg0024 84 Tell me one thing, Krujah.
24 qst200205_msg0025 84 You haven't given up dancing, have you?
25 qst200205_msg0026 84 Not just yet.
26 qst200205_msg0027 84 I believe your passion for dancing and the friendship you shared are both strong and enduring.
27 qst200205_msg0028 84 So if Harghal comes back someday, could you find it in your heart to welcome her?
28 qst200205_msg0029 84 ...You know, talking to you has given me a bit of perspective on things.
29 qst200205_msg0030 84 I get part of me does still wish I could go back to dancing with her.
30 qst200205_msg0031 84 So...all right. I'll give her one more chance.
31 qst200205_msg0032 84 Now that's the kind of friendship I like to see!
32 qst200205_msg0033 84 Hahah... Good luck convincing her.
33 qst200205_msg0034 84 If she still cares about dancing at all, you bring her back here.
34 qst200205_msg0035 84 Harghal was an incredible dancer - everyone's darling, Bana's favorite.
35 qst200205_msg0036 84 And then she betrayed me and just left! I couldn't care less about that skank!