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1 qst200201_msg0001 84 So, Rex. Will going to Elysium really bring people happiness?
2 qst200201_msg0002 84 I can't say anything for sure yet, but that's what I choose to believe.
3 qst200201_msg0003 84 Can't say for sure, eh?
4 qst200201_msg0004 84 You know, Rex...
5 qst200201_msg0005 84 I've seen a lot of different people during the missions I've completed.
6 qst200201_msg0006 84 This world is full of people suffering for all kinds of reasons.
7 qst200201_msg0007 84 People who are tricked by others and lose their homes. People who resort to killing in order to survive.
8 qst200201_msg0008 84 Some even betray their own families for the sake of money.
9 qst200201_msg0009 84 When I see all that, I... I just...
10 qst200201_msg0010 84 I want to smack some sense into the lot of them!
11 qst200201_msg0011 84 I want to give them a taste of my burning passion, and set their hearts back on the right path!
12 qst200201_msg0012 84 Godfrey...
13 qst200201_msg0013 84 Protecting the weak, and passing judgment on the strong!
14 qst200201_msg0014 84 That's what I believe my power is for.
15 qst200201_msg0015 84 But if I'm gonna set the fire of justice burning in this world, I'm gonna need your help! That's all I wanted to say.