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1 qst106021_msg0001 84 Welcome back. Friends collect all materials for new outfit?
2 qst106021_msg0002 84 Yes, everything we need is right here!
3 qst106021_msg0003 84 Big sis Lila! Poppi counting on big sis to make perfect outfit!
4 qst106021_msg0004 84 Anything for sweet little sister Poppi. Lila make sure to meet all of requests!
5 qst106021_msg0005 84 Now Lila retire to other room to concentrate on outfit making.
6 qst106021_msg0006 84 Oh and, Masterpon was say he have something to talk to friends about.
7 qst106021_msg0007 84 Grown-up body all finished already?!
8 qst106021_msg0008 84 It might be a bit soon to hope for that, Poppi...
9 qst106021_msg0009 84 Masterpon is great inventor, but even he never finish that quickly.
10 qst106021_msg0010 84 He say something about getting Poppi herself to make preparations for upgrade.
11 qst106021_msg0011 84 Preparations? Like do warm-up exercise to get body ready?
12 qst106021_msg0012 84 That not sound too hard.
13 qst106021_msg0013 84 Poppi proud of ability to bend every joint in any direction!
14 qst106021_msg0014 84 Is special party trick - er, skill of Poppi! Friends want to see?
15 qst106021_msg0015 84 No need for that, Lila think. Just make sure to talk to Masterpon.