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1 qst106012_msg0001 84 Poppi back now!
2 qst106012_msg0002 84 Welcome back, Poppi. Lila feel that Poppi seem somehow more grown up already.
3 qst106012_msg0003 84 Lila correct! Poppi is true lady now!
4 qst106012_msg0004 84 Lila done with preparing new outfit, and preparations for upgrade all finished too.
5 qst106012_msg0005 84 Only one thing left - waiting for device to finish charging up.
6 qst106012_msg0006 84 So it won't be long until Poppi has a brand new form of her very own!
7 qst106012_msg0007 84 Tora starting to get nervous...
8 qst106012_msg0008 84 So, when do we start the upgrade?
9 qst106012_msg0009 84 Meh-meh-meh... Charging of device take one week.
10 qst106012_msg0010 84 Whaaaa?! How can it take a whole week just for the thing to power up?
11 qst106012_msg0011 84 Is only natural! Upgrading of Poppi require immense power!
12 qst106012_msg0012 84 Not simple easy process!
13 qst106012_msg0013 84 We can't just wait around for a whole week, though... I'd go crazy from the anticipation!
14 qst106012_msg0014 84 Isn't there any way of speeding up the charging process?
15 qst106012_msg0015 84 Mehmeh...
16 qst106012_msg0016 84 Well, if you put energyful materials into charging device, charging maybe finish quicker.
17 qst106012_msg0017 84 Item called E-Pack is most efficient, but other materials also OK.
18 qst106012_msg0018 84 Quickest plan probably to get mercenaries to collect many E-Pack for us!
19 qst106012_msg0019 84 Makes sense, I guess. Then maybe we'll do that.
20 qst106012_msg0020 84 Just hang in there a little longer, all right, Poppi?
21 qst106012_msg0021 84 Poppi OK to wait! Good luck with charging, everyone!