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1 qst106004_msg0001 84 Dadapon! I bring materials!
2 qst106004_msg0002 84 Welcome back, Tora. Preparation of workshop all ready.
3 qst106004_msg0003 84 Me work on expansion parts now. Lila, you watch over and make sure nobody distract me.
4 qst106004_msg0004 84 Leave it to Lila, Masterpon!
5 qst106004_msg0005 84 Um... If Poppi's going to be all grown up now, isn't she going to need new clothes?
6 qst106004_msg0006 84 Really? I think the ones she has right now look just fine...
7 qst106004_msg0007 84 Uh, if her body size changes, they're not exactly going to fit, are they?
8 qst106004_msg0008 84 If she gets bigger in the clothes she's wearing now, things could get...awkward fast.
9 qst106004_msg0009 84 Exactly!
10 qst106004_msg0010 84 And it wouldn't be fair on her not to have any nice outfits to wear after her special upgrade, anyway!
11 qst106004_msg0011 84 Really?
12 qst106004_msg0012 84 Mythra and Pyra both seem stylish with default look. Poppi is Blade too, so not really bothered about clothing.
13 qst106004_msg0013 84 We can't have that! Absolutely not!
14 qst106004_msg0014 84 Blade or human, artificial or otherwise, you should at least have some sense of modesty!
15 qst106004_msg0015 84 Hmmm... Poppi not really understand.
16 qst106004_msg0016 84 Tora think new costume important for increasing sense of cool new power-up!
17 qst106004_msg0017 84 Factor of coolness very important!
18 qst106004_msg0018 84 Very well. Lila will make new costume for little sister Poppi.
19 qst106004_msg0019 84 Really? Big sis Lila make costume?
20 qst106004_msg0020 84 Yes. Lila not have many opportunity to do things for sweet little sister. Will make masterpiece costume!
21 qst106004_msg0021 84 Since Poppi become very grown-up, want costume that looks glamorous!
22 qst106004_msg0022 84 But not losing sense of cute. Cute also important.
23 qst106004_msg0023 84 Also, needs to look cool and powerful! Is for power-up, after all.
24 qst106004_msg0024 84 Meh-meh... That is lot of requests.
25 qst106004_msg0025 84 How's she going to fit all that into one design, eh?
26 qst106004_msg0026 84 Is not possible?
27 qst106004_msg0027 84 For sake of little sister Poppi... Lila make anything possible!
28 qst106004_msg0028 84 Thank you, big sis Lila!
29 qst106004_msg0029 84 But to make such specific costume, Lila probably need more materials...
30 qst106004_msg0030 84 What kind of things are you after?
31 qst106004_msg0031 84 Cubic Diamond and Ambler Stigma...
32 qst106004_msg0032 84 Oh, and Genbu-Weave Cloth important too.
33 qst106004_msg0033 84 That doesn't sound too hard. Come on, Poppi, let's go find them!
34 qst106004_msg0034 84 Understood! Poppi will bring very finest materials for new costume!