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1 qst106003_msg0001 84 First friends need to gather Golden Cog.
2 qst106003_msg0002 84 This only very first step. Best to get it over with quick-quick!
3 qst106003_msg0101 84 Busy preparing for remodeling right now.
4 qst106003_msg0102 84 Friends forget about me for now and focus on outfit, yes?
5 qst106003_msg0201 84 Materials for outfit all ready?
6 qst106003_msg0202 84 Please give materials to Lila.
7 qst106003_msg0301 84 Now, friends go to Goldmouth Flight Deck in Argentum and speak to Nopon by name of Fleecyflossy!
8 qst106003_msg0302 84 Help Poppi do trial attendance at Bluesky Nopon University and learn many things.
9 qst106003_msg0303 84 Only when education complete is Poppi ready for big remodeling!
10 qst106003_msg0304 84 Entering university is most important thing of all!
11 qst106003_msg0401 84 All ready for remodeling of Poppi.
12 qst106003_msg0402 84 Now all that left is to charge up energy in charging unit right there.
13 qst106003_msg0403 84 Maybe most efficient way is use mercenaries to gather E-Pack.