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1 qst106002_msg0001 84 Masterpon say he need Golden Cogs.
2 qst106002_msg0002 84 Lila has heard Golden Cog can be found in region of Temperantia.
3 qst106002_msg0101 84 Many materials required to make new outfit for Poppi.
4 qst106002_msg0102 84 Can find Cubic Diamond in Empire of Mor Ardain.
5 qst106002_msg0103 84 Ambler Stigma, though...Lila think it not found anywhere on Alrest Titans.
6 qst106002_msg0104 84 Friend can get Genbu-Weave Cloth in land of Tantal...
7 qst106002_msg0201 84 Please talk to Masterpon.
8 qst106002_msg0202 84 If friends not talk to him soon, he probably shrivel up from loneliness.
9 qst106002_msg0301 84 Friends should go to Goldmouth Flight Deck in Argentum.
10 qst106002_msg0302 84 Attending Bluesky Nopon University... Sounds quite fun actually.
11 qst106002_msg0401 84 How was Bluesky Nopon University?
12 qst106002_msg0402 84 Please report findings to Masterpon.
13 qst106002_msg0501 84 Extreme large amounts of energy needed for remodeling Poppi.
14 qst106002_msg0502 84 Please work hard to charging energy.
15 qst106002_msg0503 84 Lila want to see Poppi all grown up...!