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1 qst105707_msg0001 84 *pant* *pant* Sonnypon...Bana! Sonnypon...of Don...Dondon!
2 qst105707_msg0002 84 Dadapon! Bana did not...wish for...reunion! Not like this... Mehmeh!
3 qst105707_msg0003 84 Sudden arrival take Niranira by very surprise.
4 qst105707_msg0004 84 Don promise to cooperate with investigation if take to Bana, so Niranira bring Don here...
5 qst105707_msg0005 84 But now so busy with running, interrogation go nowhere!
6 qst105707_msg0006 84 Dadapon run...with Bana! *pant* *pant* Dadapon...and sonnypon...together!
7 qst105707_msg0007 84 Mehhhhh! Meh-mehhhhh! Bana cry...tears of happy!
8 qst105707_msg0008 84 May take long time, but think problem fixed now. Secrets of Lindwurm plot against Empire finally come out.
9 qst105707_msg0009 84 Niranira not thank friends enough for helping.