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1 qst105706_msg0001 84 Me... Mehuaaaaghhh... Dearest Bana...
2 qst105706_msg0002 84 Dadapon...Don Dondon... may have met his match...
3 qst105706_msg0003 84 Muergh!
4 qst105706_msg0004 84 No, wait. Don not perish yet.
5 qst105706_msg0005 84 If Don must end... Don will meet end with sonnypon Bana!
6 qst105706_msg0006 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Must go to sonnypon!
7 qst105706_msg0007 84 You worry not, interfering intruders. Don Dondon never run. Don Dondon never hide.
8 qst105706_msg0008 84 You come along too, and witness dramatic finale of Don Dondon!