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1 qst105701_msg0001 84 Listen, friends, listen! Big news afoot!
2 qst105701_msg0002 84 Was looking through correspondences of Bana, and found shocking thing!
3 qst105701_msg0003 84 Secret accounts of Bana!
4 qst105701_msg0004 84 In addition to ordinary dealings recorded in Argentum Guild accounts...
5 qst105701_msg0005 84 These documents listing mysterious movements of money!
6 qst105701_msg0006 84 And after further investigate, me notice on days of money transfer...
7 qst105701_msg0007 84 Always undocumented ship passing through Argentum!
8 qst105701_msg0008 84 Niranira very thorough Nopon. Managed to track down pilot of ship.
9 qst105701_msg0009 84 Even obtained confession that ship transporting cash to Leftheria!
10 qst105701_msg0010 84 Oh, yes! Niranira not agent of Special Audit Bureau for nothing.
11 qst105701_msg0011 84 But would like help of friends to find exactly where Bana money went and what it used for.
12 qst105701_msg0012 84 Thanks kindly for help!
13 qst105701_msg0013 84 It seem money was taken to Island Base Lindwurm. Small island in Leftheria.
14 qst105701_msg0014 84 Please look into case for Niranira!
15 qst105701_msg0101 84 Never thought that such thing emerge from among Bana's mamapon letters.
16 qst105701_msg0102 84 Most kind Nopon would close treasure trove softly and walk away after reading such contents...
17 qst105701_msg0103 84 Very dirty trick indeed!