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1 qst105408_msg0001 84 You come to see legendary treasure too?
2 qst105408_msg0002 84 This Calamity Puzzle! Incredible! Astounding!
3 qst105408_msg0003 84 Zubzub finally make dream of salvagers around world reality!
4 qst105408_msg0004 84 You had fill of staring? Then Zubzub go to sell treasure at Central Exchange now.
5 qst105408_msg0005 84 Mehmeh? You want Calamity Puzzle?
6 qst105408_msg0006 84 Well, Zubzub planning to sell anyway, and it heavy to carry around, so not actual worst idea.
7 qst105408_msg0007 84 Selling for 500,000G.
8 qst105408_msg0008 84 Not see why friends surprised. It reasonable going rate.
9 qst105408_msg0009 84 Had to wait super long time until Titan in exact position...
10 qst105408_msg0010 84 then lift up using expensive gas cylinders and crazy-good wire.
11 qst105408_msg0011 84 Zubzub not sell for less or else not turn out profit.
12 qst105408_msg0012 165 Pay 500,000G?
13 qst105408_msg0013 165 Pay
14 qst105408_msg0014 165 Don't pay
15 qst105408_msg0101 84 One, two, three... 500,000G, all there!
16 qst105408_msg0102 84 Calamity Puzzle all yours!
17 qst105408_msg0103 84 It extremely heavy, so friends be careful when carrying.
18 qst105408_msg0104 84 Would have cost Zubzub 5,000G to carry to Central Exchange, so was big big help!
19 qst105408_msg0105 84 OK, Zubzub return to treasure hunting now. Thanks much again for purchase!
20 qst105408_msg0201 84 If friends not purchase, then Zubzub heading out to sell.
21 qst105408_msg0202 84 But not want to lug all way there, so can wait for friends to prepare money.
22 qst105408_msg0301 84 If friends looking to purchase Calamity Puzzle, will be 500,000G.