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1 qst105406_msg0001 84 Oh, what a magnificent spectacle!
2 qst105406_msg0002 84 You must have toiled a great deal to locate all four treasures!
3 qst105406_msg0003 84 Heh... All in a day's work, I guess?
4 qst105406_msg0004 84 Rex, I hereby anoint you...Salvager Supreme!
5 qst105406_msg0005 84 Salvager Supreme... That sounds...
6 qst105406_msg0006 84 Ah, forgive me. I acknowledge it is a somewhat old-fashioned title for a youngster such as you.
7 qst105406_msg0007 84 No no, I like it! Really! It's got a nice ring to it!
8 qst105406_msg0008 84 Salvager Supreme... A salvager among salvagers...
9 qst105406_msg0009 84 I am honored, Your Majesty!
10 qst105406_msg0010 84 It is I who should be thanking you, Rex, for fulfilling an old man's dream.
11 qst105406_msg0011 84 It is not just the title you have earned, but my deepest respect. It is only fitting that you receive an ample reward.
12 qst105406_msg0101 84 I see you've gathered all four treasures. Would you mind letting me speak to Rex?