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1 qst104907_msg0001 84 My dreamy dapperling! Your presence alone transforms that cheap knock-off ring into a cherished treasure!
2 qst104907_msg0002 84 ...Terribly sorry. I don't know what came over me.
3 qst104907_msg0003 84 Now, what intimate details can you give me about the moment you made the Storied Band your own?
4 qst104907_msg0021 165 What should we tell her?
5 qst104907_msg0022 165 Zeke and Rex's teeth were chattering.
6 qst104907_msg0023 165 Zeke and Rex made vows of friendship.
7 qst104907_msg0041 84 So it was a grueling search in the freezing cold... I see, I see...
8 qst104907_msg0051 84 Ahhh! So one man placed the ring upon the other's finger and swore that never would they be parted? How wonderful!
9 qst104907_msg0071 84 Thank you, that should be enough.
10 qst104907_msg0072 84 I believe I've grasped the core themes for my book now...
11 qst104907_msg0073 84 pen arm... It's twitching... It wants to write... I can't...contain it!
12 qst104907_msg0074 84 I'm going to write for a bit! Be back later!
13 qst104907_msg0075 84 ...Phew! It's done!
14 qst104907_msg0101 84 "The Flora of Alrest"!
15 qst104907_msg0102 84 Err... Even after hearing your inspiring stories, the details didn't quite come together for me...
16 qst104907_msg0103 84 So I went back to my original plan and wrote about beautiful flowers instead.
17 qst104907_msg0201 84 "Gentlemen: A Study"!
18 qst104907_msg0202 84 A tale of beauty and friendship unraveled within my imagination as I listened to your impassioned stories...
19 qst104907_msg0203 84 And so contrary to even my expectations, I have written a book that's chock full of charming men!
20 qst104907_msg0204 84 I think it'll be a hit! Oh, don't worry, I've used all the tropes I can think of that appeal to the masses!
21 qst104907_msg0301 84 I'll have it published once I'm finished editing, so be sure to buy a copy!
22 qst104907_msg0302 84 Thanks again for all your help. I've learned all sorts of things!
23 qst104907_msg0303 84 Plus I got to talk to all you fine gentlemen. A treat for the eyes as well as the old brain cells!
24 qst104907_msg0304 84 Incidentally, I'm a woman.
25 qst104907_msg0305 84 Whaaaat?! You mean...
26 qst104907_msg0306 84 I'm so sorry, it was just your clothes that made me think... Beauty is a fickle thing, isn't it?
27 qst104907_msg0401 84 Ah, my knights in shining armor have returned... How I long to hear of their exploits from their own wondrous lips!