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1 qst104906_msg0001 84 Oh, beauteous gentleman! Your beads of sweat trickle like liquid diamond upon your pristine skin!
2 qst104906_msg0002 84 ...My apologies. I can get a bit carried away.
3 qst104906_msg0003 84 Now do tell me all about your encounter with the Jairo Griffox!
4 qst104906_msg0021 165 What should I tell her?
5 qst104906_msg0022 165 We beat the enemy with deadly force.
6 qst104906_msg0023 165 Flames of friendship led us to victory.
7 qst104906_msg0041 84 A heated battle! That would be the gist of it, yes?
8 qst104906_msg0051 84 Yes, yes, I see! Tell me more! And then...? ...Ah! What enchanting flames they must have been!
9 qst104906_msg0061 84 I've got it. Thank you so much for all that.
10 qst104906_msg0062 84 Now, for your next assignment...
11 qst104906_msg0063 84 I'd like you to pick up the Storied Band that I dropped from atop the Amphoret Pillar.
12 qst104906_msg0064 84 Oh, pay no heed to the "storied" part. It's just a worthless trinket I was using as a prop, really...
13 qst104906_msg0065 84 What I want to capture is the vignette that tells of your glorious success!
14 qst104906_msg0066 84 Tell me in detail just how you treat the ring as you treasure it in those precious hands!
15 qst104906_msg0101 84 Ah, my knights in shining armor have returned... How I long to hear of their exploits from their own wondrous lips!
16 qst104906_msg0201 84 Ah, my dashing gentleman... Please try to recall every detail as you take the ring in your perfect fingers!
17 qst104906_msg0202 84 I'll need you to relate the scene vividly so I can use your story as inspiration!
18 qst104906_msg0301 84 Ideally, I'd like one of your male contingent to fetch the Storied Band for me...
19 qst104906_msg0302 84 You can have someone else pick up the ring if you must, but I insist that a dashing gentleman recount the tale...