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1 qst104901_msg0001 84 Ohh, at last, a dashing gentleman!
2 qst104901_msg0002 84 Your splendor... It touches me in ways I could not imagine!
3 qst104901_msg0003 84 Oh...forgive me. It's just that I've been holed up in my house for so long, I can't resist it if I see a pretty face...
4 qst104901_msg0004 84 I, er...I'm writing a book, you see.
5 qst104901_msg0005 84 It's on the topic of beautiful flowers.
6 qst104901_msg0006 84 I would desperately love to incorporate the ice flowers that bloom nearby, but the monsters make it nigh impossible.
7 qst104901_msg0007 84'd help me? Oh, this is wonderful news!
8 qst104901_msg0008 84 Ohh, to think the day would come that I would get to speak to such a fetching individual... How your light dazzles...
9 qst104901_msg0101 84 ...Cold, isn't it?
10 qst104901_msg0102 84 If only a dashing gentleman would talk to me and warm my heart from within...