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1 qst104502_msg001 62 頼んだも
2 qst104502_msg002 62 どうもだも
3 qst104502_msg003 62 とってきてほしいも
4 qst104502_msg004 62 感謝だも
5 qst104502_msg0001 84 Thanks, friends, for coming!
6 qst104502_msg0002 84 Snififi open shop at Ardainian Garrison that friends can see from here!
7 qst104502_msg0003 84 This too soon for celebrating.
8 qst104502_msg0004 84 Sniff-sniff, sniff-sniff... Snififi catch smell of strong monsters!
9 qst104502_msg0005 84 Is Amman Balgas! Very scary monster! Probably gobble Snififi up!
10 qst104502_msg0006 84 If friends defeat three of monster, Snififi probably able to secure safe path to destination.
11 qst104502_msg0007 84 Good luck friends!
12 qst104502_msg0008 84 Snififi will watch friends from safe distance, and make dash for it as soon as it look safe!
13 qst104502_msg0101 84 Please defeat three of Amman Balgas.
14 qst104502_msg0102 84 At instant of defeat, Snififi and fellow merchants will dash to destination!
15 qst104502_msg0103 84 We meet up at Ardainian Garrison!