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1 qst104230_msg0001 84 Welcome to the Smaia Clinic. Ah, it's you lot again!
2 qst104230_msg0005 84 I'm afraid Doctor Smaia isn't in the clinic right now. Again.
3 qst104230_msg0008 84 Was there something urgent you wanted her for?
4 qst104230_msg0009 84 You want to recruit Doctor Smaia to teach in a school?!
5 qst104230_msg0010 84 Well, I suppose you would definitely have to discuss that with her in person.
6 qst104230_msg0101 84 I'm not sure if Doctor Smaia will be interested in teaching children...
7 qst104230_msg0102 84 After all, she even treats me as more of an odd-jobs man than an actual apprentice...
8 qst104230_msg0201 84 Doctor Smaia accepted your invitation to a teaching post?!
9 qst104230_msg0202 84 I can hardly believe it... Doctor Smaia? Teaching children?
10 qst104230_msg0203 84 I wonder what will happen to this clinic...
11 qst104230_msg0204 84 I'll have to discuss it with her when she comes back. Maybe this could be my big opportunity?
12 qst104230_msg0301 165 Have Smaia come as a teacher?
13 qst104230_msg0302 165 Hire her
14 qst104230_msg0303 165 Think it over
15 qst104230_msg0006 84 This time she's on a trip to Fonsett Village in Leftheria.
16 qst104230_msg0007 84 Apparently there's some kind of medicinal plant she's looking for in a place called Spirit Crucible Elpys.
17 qst104230_msg0401 84 But I don't know where that place is, so you all would have to help look...
18 qst104230_msg0402 84 After that... Well, if you're lucky, she might fulfill your request.
19 qst104230_msg0501 84 I don't know if Doctor Smaia will accept the post or not.
20 qst104230_msg0502 84 Perhaps it would just turn out to be a fool's errand. Yes, it'd be wise to think it over before going to the trouble.
21 qst104230_msg0601 84 I'll be sure to let Doctor Smaia know that you asked after her when she returns.