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1 qst104223_msg0001 84 Ding-dong! Mr. Rex! I've got a question!
2 qst104223_msg0002 84 I found a piece of rock near the Village Guardian the other day with this weird old writing on it!
3 qst104223_msg0003 84 Can you read this squiggly stuff?
4 qst104223_msg0021 84 Of course! I'm pretty good at reading ancient writing.
5 qst104223_msg0022 84 Wow, Mr. Rex! You're amazing! D'you think I could learn to read this stuff too someday?
6 qst104223_msg0023 84 You're a really hard worker, Mark, so I bet you could learn to read it if you tried.
7 qst104223_msg0024 84 All right! I'll study hard to see if I can read what's on that stone!
8 qst104223_msg0025 84 Right, next up is Kazuna's question.
9 qst104223_msg0041 84 Squiggly writing, huh... That might be a bit tricky.
10 qst104223_msg0042 84 Oh, really? I'll try asking the history teacher when they get here, then!
11 qst104223_msg0043 84 You're a hard worker, Mark, so you could probably learn to read it yourself if you tried.
12 qst104223_msg0044 84 Right, next up is Kazuna's question.
13 qst104223_msg0101 84 You're not Mr. Rex! I thought Mr. Rex was going to give us a lesson?
14 qst104223_msg0201 84 You should go answer Kazuna's question next.
15 qst104223_msg0202 84 You should go answer Kirk's question next.