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1 qst104219_msg0001 84 You lot again, eh? Always a pleasure to see you.
2 qst104219_msg0002 84 I'm still the same as ever. Just researching ancient things around this village.
3 qst104219_msg0003 84 I've learned so many things here. What I'd really like is to share the wonders of history with the locals...
4 qst104219_msg0004 84 But they never seem to have time for an old man's ramblings. Too busy with missions and whatnot.
5 qst104219_msg0005 84 Still, it's not as though I can just toddle on back to Mor Ardain... So I'm in a bit of a fix.
6 qst104219_msg0006 84 A job teaching history to children? In Fonsett Village?
7 qst104219_msg0007 84 If I recall correctly, there is a rather intriguing ancient artifact there. They call it the "Village Guardian".
8 qst104219_msg0008 84 If you would have me, I would be most happy to take up the post.
9 qst104219_msg0051 165 Invite Alisdeigh to teach in Fonsett?
10 qst104219_msg0052 165 Invite
11 qst104219_msg0053 165 Think it over
12 qst104219_msg0061 84 Then there's no time to lose!
13 qst104219_msg0062 84 I'll see about getting together all my things, then head straight for Fonsett. That sound all right?
14 qst104219_msg0081 84 Ah, well that's a shame.
15 qst104219_msg0082 84 Perhaps the mercenary folk here will listen to me if I just spark their interest a little more...
16 qst104219_msg0101 84 Were you still interested in offering me that teaching position? I'd be glad to take it up.
17 qst104219_msg0151 84 So, about that history teaching position... Ah, it has already been filled, has it? A shame, a shame...
18 qst104219_msg0201 84 But there's no real good opportunity for that. And even if there was, I bet someone else would've jumped on it...