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1 qst104211_msg0001 84 Tender grass of green Crisp your texture underfoot 'Neath the whisp'ring wind.
2 qst104211_msg0002 84 O fair Gormott, many are thy charms: Sunlight like a mother's sweet caress, Branches stronger than a father's arms!
3 qst104211_msg0003 84 Oh, my apologies. I was merely expressing my love for the natural beauty of Gormott through poetry.
4 qst104211_msg0004 84 I wish only that the children in the city would weave beautiful verses about their homeland also.
5 qst104211_msg0005 84 But alas, it seems they are all more concerned with enjoying the present moment than pursuing the literary arts.
6 qst104211_msg0006 84 A teaching post in Fonsett Village? For me?
7 qst104211_msg0007 84 Oh, frabjous day! The voices of the Titans call out to me! I drift upon the currents of the clouds!
8 qst104211_msg0008 84 Ah, but there's just one problem. The shackles of my personal debt bind me in place and I cannot leave!
9 qst104211_msg0009 84 Not unless I collect 7,500G... Oh, what am I to do...?
10 qst104211_msg0010 165 Pay 7,500G?
11 qst104211_msg0011 165 Pay
12 qst104211_msg0012 165 Don't pay
13 qst104211_msg0081 84 I suppose nobody would want to employ a teacher who puts off his work to indulge in his hobbies...
14 qst104211_msg0101 84 A teacher of language... The very notion of it sets my heart on fire!
15 qst104211_msg0102 84 But I cannot simply neglect the fact that my loan of 7,500G remains unpaid...
16 qst104211_msg0301 84 Oh! Like a star of hope from Elysium, a not-so-modest sum of money appears before me!
17 qst104211_msg0302 84 Now I can settle my debts here and travel to Fonsett Village to start anew!
18 qst104211_msg0303 84 I'll get my things together and head there right away!
19 qst104211_msg0401 84 If I don't pay my debts soon, my boss is going to kill me... I suppose I'd better start scraping some cash together...
20 qst104211_msg0501 84 Oh, if only there were a cup to catch my wisdom, knowledge and erudition as it o'erflows...