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1 qst104205_msg0001 84 Eyup, pal! I'm racking my brains a bit here.
2 qst104205_msg0002 84 The building's not in the worst of shape, all things considered...
3 qst104205_msg0003 84 But if there's gonna be kids using it day in, day out, it could probably do with being a bit more sturdy.
4 qst104205_msg0004 84 I dunno where we'd get our hands on the materials for that, though...
5 qst104205_msg0005 84 Really?! You guys are the best!
6 qst104205_msg0006 84 Can I ask you to gather a few things right away, then? You can give them to the kids over there.
7 qst104205_msg0007 84 Mark needs some wood, Kazuna needs decorations, and Kirk needs some ore.
8 qst104205_msg0008 84 They all offered to lend me a hand. Said they wanted to help build their own new school - isn't that grand?
9 qst104205_msg0009 84 When I see passion like that, it makes me want to do the best job I can do!
10 qst104205_msg0101 84 Mark needs some wood, Kazuna needs decorations, and Kirk needs some ore.
11 qst104205_msg0102 84 Once you've gathered enough, just let me know!
12 qst104205_msg0201 84 You gathered all the stuff? Fantastic!
13 qst104205_msg0202 84 Then let's get straight to work!
14 qst104205_msg0203 84 Erm...
15 qst104205_msg0204 84 Well, actually, I can't start working right away just like that.
16 qst104205_msg0205 84 Why don't you go help the mayor with something else while I get everything sorted here?
17 qst104205_msg0301 84 It feels so good to work on something worthwhile together!
18 qst104205_msg0401 84 A lesson from Mr. Rex... I feel lucky to witness such a rare sight!
19 qst104205_msg0501 84 Finally even the teachers are here... The mayor's dream has come true!
20 qst104205_msg0502 84 I hope all the kids'll study hard and grow up into super smart people!