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1 qst104202_msg0001 84 So it looks like the building repairs should go just fine? Excellent! On to the next phase!
2 qst104202_msg0002 84 We need to gather great teachers from across Alrest!
3 qst104202_msg0003 84 Language! From basic literacy through to detailed literary analysis and composition...
4 qst104202_msg0004 84 Our children must be raised to enjoy rich communication with others!
5 qst104202_msg0005 84 Sciences! From the workings of everyday objects to the calculations used in business...
6 qst104202_msg0006 84 Our children should master all kinds of knowledge to widen their horizons!
7 qst104202_msg0007 84 History! None of us would be here today were it not for the efforts of our ancestors.
8 qst104202_msg0008 84 By learning of the triumphs and failures of the past, our children will gain the wisdom to forge a brighter future!
9 qst104202_msg0009 84 I'm sorry to foist this all on you, but I'd like you to use your judgment to find the most suitable candidates.
10 qst104202_msg0010 84 I'd like you to use your judgment to find the most suitable candidates.
11 qst104202_msg0011 84 You've traveled many more places and met many more people than me. If anyone can find us teachers, it's you.
12 qst104202_msg0101 84 We could always find teachers locally, but I want to provide an education to match that of the Indoline Academy.
13 qst104202_msg0102 84 Perhaps one day, even children from outside could gather here in Fonsett in order to pursue a better education!
14 qst104202_msg0201 84 Fantastic!
15 qst104202_msg0202 84 So, where are these teachers you've found?
16 qst104202_msg0203 84 Ah... They're all still making preparations to travel here?
17 qst104202_msg0204 84 Oh dear... I may have been a little hasty in my assumptions.
18 qst104202_msg0205 84 Well, when I heard you'd arrived, I thought you must have brought the new teachers with you, you see.
19 qst104202_msg0206 84 So I already gathered the children together so we could have ourselves an inaugural lesson.
20 qst104202_msg0207 84 Now I feel a little silly...
21 qst104202_msg0208 84 Hey, I had a brainwave! Perhaps our very own Mr. Rex can give the kids a little practice lesson!
22 qst104202_msg0209 84 He's the biggest success story this village has produced, after all!
23 qst104202_msg0210 84 I'll call the kids over, then!