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1 qst103901_msg0001 84 Rex! 58,954G? Thank you so much!
2 qst103901_msg0002 84 You take good care of us.
3 qst103901_msg0003 84 Huh? Are you sure it wasn't closer to 90,000G?
4 qst103901_msg0004 84 Um, nope, that's definitely right. 58,954G.
5 qst103901_msg0005 84 But that's about 30,000G short! Maybe some of the money was stolen on the way?
6 qst103901_msg0006 84 Dearie me, do you really think so?
7 qst103901_msg0007 84 I did think it seemed like a strange amount...
8 qst103901_msg0010 84 And when I sent you that Cloud Sea Braised Shark, the handling fee was simply enormous.
9 qst103901_msg0008 84 Hmm. We gotta investigate this.
10 qst103901_msg0009 84 We should go check with Max the courier in Argentum.