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1 qst103617_msg0001 84 According to the senator, the capital's defenses should be weak right now... But we're almost wiped out!
2 qst103617_msg0002 84 You... You've obstructed us every step of the way...
3 qst103617_msg0003 84 Wait! When you say "senator"... You mean from the Imperial Senate?
4 qst103617_msg0004 84 That's right. An imperial senator by the name of Stulc.
5 qst103617_msg0005 84 The soldiers we'd managed to gather were already stretched to their limits following Akatsuki's orders...
6 qst103617_msg0006 84 And then you people wiped out all of our leaders! Brionac is done for!
7 qst103617_msg0007 84 It was none other than the senator who told us where to find those Brionac leaders.
8 qst103617_msg0008 84 It was Akatsuki who chose the locations for those transactions... This can only mean... Ugh! Curse that beast!
9 qst103617_msg0009 84 Akatsuki seemed to indicate that he was with Lindwurm just before he returned to his Crystal, did he not?
10 qst103617_msg0010 84 Lindwurm! So they were pulling the strings the whole time!
11 qst103617_msg0011 84 It sounds like both Akatsuki and the senator may have been members of Lindwurm.
12 qst103617_msg0012 84 In which case, this raid is nothing more than a diversion for him to escape the Empire...
13 qst103617_msg0013 84 That senator... Double-dealing bastard!
14 qst103617_msg0014 84 It seems we were all led astray here. Let us put aside our differences and...
15 qst103617_msg0015 84 Silence! No! How can you forget about our objective so quickly?
16 qst103617_msg0016 84 If there is any strength left in this organization... We'll use it to destroy the Empire's Blades!