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1 qst103609_msg0001 84 Hey, did you see that?
2 qst103609_msg0002 84 That Ardainian just now! He seemed pretty worked up about something.
3 qst103609_msg0003 84 He seemed to be heading for the Great Stairway.
4 qst103609_msg0004 84 There aren't usually many people round there. So take care if you go!
5 qst103609_msg0101 84 What would an Ardainian want around these parts?
6 qst103609_msg0102 84 I hope he's not planning to stir up any fuss...
7 qst103609_msg0201 84 My curiosity got the better of me, so I went over to the Great Stairway myself to see what was up.
8 qst103609_msg0202 84 I found that Ardainian, but he was all laid out on the ground! So I took him to a doctor.
9 qst103609_msg0203 84 No need to thank me. I wouldn't leave anyone high and dry like that, not even an Ardainian.