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1 qst103608_msg0001 84 I'm all right...just about...but...
2 qst103608_msg0002 84 The ship... Has it already sailed?
3 qst103608_msg0003 84 Yes... I'm afraid Senator Stulc got away.
4 qst103608_msg0004 84 Some of his allies had concealed themselves on the ship.
5 qst103608_msg0005 84 The attack by Brionac must have just been a ruse so that the senator could escape...
6 qst103608_msg0006 84 I'm so sorry...
7 qst103608_msg0007 84 The boat's headed for Uraya!
8 qst103608_msg0008 84 Then we should head for Fonsa Myma.
9 qst103608_msg0009 84 We'll chase him to the ends of Alrest!
10 qst103608_msg0010 84 I'll report this incident to my superiors!