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1 qst103602_msg0001 84 Treat it with care, young lady.
2 qst103602_msg0002 84 Wow! Thank you!
3 qst103602_msg0003 84 If I make it now, I'll be able to get it done before he has to go!
4 qst103602_msg0004 84 Where is your friend going? To Gormott Province, perhaps?
5 qst103602_msg0005 84 Ah, no. To Fonsa Myma.
6 qst103602_msg0006 84 Fonsa Myma... Not many people choose to move to Uraya...
7 qst103602_msg0007 84 Him and his dad... They're going to seek asylum there.
8 qst103602_msg0008 84 Seek asylum?
9 qst103602_msg0009 84 Well, he won't tell me the details in case he makes his dad angry.
10 qst103602_msg0010 84 What kind of person is your friend's father exactly?
11 qst103602_msg0011 84 Um, I've never met him...
12 qst103602_msg0012 84 Your friend's name, then?
13 qst103602_msg0013 84 Well...uhh...
14 qst103602_msg0014 84 The way to Fonsa Myma from the imperial capital is very difficult.
15 qst103602_msg0015 84 So we'd like to offer to help them with moving there, if that's all right.
16 qst103602_msg0016 84 Oh...
17 qst103602_msg0017 84 His name is Mahl Arascain.
18 qst103602_msg0018 84 If you run into him, don't tell him about the pendant, OK?
19 qst103602_msg0019 84 We promise.
20 qst103602_msg0020 84 Have this as a little thank-you! Bye!
21 qst103602_msg0021 84 You have a rather harsh way with children, don't you think, Aegaeon?
22 qst103602_msg0022 84 Forgive me. My knowledge of social mores is unpolished, I know.
23 qst103602_msg0023 84 You were the same with Niall when he was small.
24 qst103602_msg0024 84 Do you think it was embarrassing for the boy?
25 qst103602_msg0025 84 Embarrassing? You used to reduce him to tears!
26 qst103602_msg0026 84 Oh, I am a disgrace. An Emperor's Blade should not be so foolish!
27 qst103602_msg0027 84 I must atone. I must return to my Core Crystal!
28 qst103602_msg0028 84 Never mind that! More importantly, doesn't the name "Arascain" sound familiar?
29 qst103602_msg0101 165 Do you remember?
30 qst103602_msg0102 165 I remember.
31 qst103602_msg0103 165 I can't remember.
32 qst103602_msg0121 84 I expected no less.
33 qst103602_msg0131 84 Senator Stulc Arascain! The one whose wife was killed at Smùide Hot Spring!
34 qst103602_msg0151 84 Let's find him, and find out why he needs to seek asylum!