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1 qst103601_msg0001 84 They wouldn't have them in shops, I guess...
2 qst103601_msg0002 84 My friend's moving away, so I wanted to make him a pendant like one that I saw in a book.
3 qst103601_msg0003 84 What a charming idea.
4 qst103601_msg0004 84 I'm sure a little keepsake like that will soften the pain of parting a little.
5 qst103601_msg0005 84 Indeed. It's like how we keep journals, so that it's not so bad when we lose our memories.
6 qst103601_msg0006 84 I only wish I had some records of my time with the Emperor.
7 qst103601_msg0007 84 It was very sudden, what happened to you. It's a shame, but there's not much we could do.
8 qst103601_msg0008 84 Though Lady Mòrag and I will of course tell you what we know of your past.
9 qst103601_msg0009 84 At least once our journey is over, you should be able to get to know His Majesty all over again.
10 qst103601_msg0010 84 Indeed...
11 qst103601_msg0011 84 Tell me, young lady... What kind of pendant did you have in mind?
12 qst103601_msg0012 84 I wanted to make one with some of the Rosary Moss from the World Tree. They say it brings luck!
13 qst103601_msg0013 84 But, they don't sell it in any of the shops...
14 qst103601_msg0014 84 You want to make your friend both happy and fortunate then?
15 qst103601_msg0015 84 Yeah!
16 qst103601_msg0016 84 He said he has to move away because his mother died...
17 qst103601_msg0017 84 So I just want him to be happy.
18 qst103601_msg0018 84 That is a sad loss...
19 qst103601_msg0019 84 My friends...if it is all right with you all, I would like to help this girl to obtain what she requires.
20 qst103601_msg0020 84 Thank you.
21 qst103601_msg0021 84 I promise to get what you need, my child.
22 qst103601_msg0022 84 Really? Thank you so much!
23 qst103601_msg0023 84 I'd be so grateful if I could have it in time to make it before he goes...