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1 qst103409_msg0001 84 Is there something you want to discuss?
2 qst103409_msg0002 84 What? You defeated Akatsuki and his Driver? Are you certain?
3 qst103409_msg0003 84 A Core Crystal... This is Akatsuki's?
4 qst103409_msg0004 84 Would it be all right if I kept hold of this? As evidence, you understand.
5 qst103409_msg0005 84 Thank you.
6 qst103409_msg0006 84 With this, I suppose the anti-imperialist schemes of Brionac really are finished.
7 qst103409_msg0007 84 What? Another organization?!
8 qst103409_msg0008 84 Lindwurm... I'm sorry, I can't say I've ever heard the name before.
9 qst103409_msg0009 84 Of course, it may not be wise to take everything Akatsuki said at face value.
10 qst103409_msg0010 84 There was that time when he taunted you with empty threats before letting you leave, after all.
11 qst103409_msg0011 84 At any rate, thank you for all the work you've done in service of the Empire.
12 qst103409_msg0012 84 We can handle the task of rounding up any remaining stray rebels, so don't worry yourselves any further.