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1 qst103405_msg0001 84 You're worried about me? No, I can't say I've run into any trouble in particular...
2 qst103405_msg0002 84 What? You were attacked by a huge force of soldiers...and they threatened that harm would come to me as well?
3 qst103405_msg0003 84 Well, they haven't tried anything yet. And I can't imagine they could get close, as long as I stay in the palace.
4 qst103405_msg0004 84 I've brought my son to the palace as well, just to be safe. I even have guards watching over him.
5 qst103405_msg0005 84 What worries me is that the enemy was gathered in far greater numbers than my information suggested.
6 qst103405_msg0006 84 Was the information that it would be a small gathering simply mistaken? Or were they expecting us?
7 qst103405_msg0007 84 That Blade named Akatsuki who seems to be giving the orders...he may be a more formidable foe than I had feared.
8 qst103405_msg0009 84 Whatever the reason, I must apologize for sending you into such danger.
9 qst103405_msg0010 84 I actually just received new information about where the Brionac leaders are headed.
10 qst103405_msg0011 84 The word "leaders" makes me suspect that Akatsuki's Driver may be involved.
11 qst103405_msg0012 84 This may be an opportunity to neutralize Akatsuki once and for all... But it may also be another trap.
12 qst103405_msg0013 84 Thank you so much for all your help.
13 qst103405_msg0014 84 As for where to find these leaders...
14 qst103405_msg0015 84 One of them, a man named Wiggins, should be on the roof of a building in Ayvill Shopping District.
15 qst103405_msg0016 84 In the roof area of the Old Industrial District, you should find a man named Bhianc.
16 qst103405_msg0017 84 And finally, there's Arrodh. He should be near the large tank by the Cargo Transportation Zone.
17 qst103405_msg0018 84 If my intelligence is correct, these three Brionac leaders will be conducting covert transactions at those locations.
18 qst103405_msg0019 84 Please do be careful.
19 qst103405_msg0101 84 Akatsuki may be a formidable Blade, but any Blade can be neutralized by taking down their Driver.
20 qst103405_msg0102 84 This is our chance to take down the anti-imperialists of Brionac once and for all.