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1 qst103319_msg001 62 グーラの為にやったことだ(仮)
2 qst103319_msg002 62 やめとけ(仮)
3 qst103319_msg003 62 捕まえてくれ(仮)
4 qst103319_msg004 62 どうする?
5 qst103319_msg005 62 助ける(仮)
6 qst103319_msg006 62 助けない(仮)
7 qst103319_msg0001 84 I wonder if she had a family...
8 qst103319_msg0002 84 They must be worried sick.
9 qst103319_msg0101 84 I'm deeply sorry to ask this of you.
10 qst103319_msg0201 84 That's the transportation of the body to Military HQ all sorted!
11 qst103319_msg0202 84 Thanks.
12 qst103319_msg0203 84 An organization of anti-imperialists...?
13 qst103319_msg0204 84 I've only really just arrived in the capital so I've not heard of anything like that.
14 qst103319_msg0205 84 Oh, but I do have one new clue to offer!
15 qst103319_msg0206 84 We found fresh footprints on the top of the cliff just above here.
16 qst103319_msg0207 84 One of the other officers headed up there to investigate, but I haven't heard anything from him yet.
17 qst103319_msg0208 84 Could you go see what he's up to, please?
18 qst103319_msg0209 84 Oh, yes - to get there, you'll need to open a locked gate! It's meant to be off-limits to non-military personnel, see.
19 qst103319_msg0210 84 Here, I'll give you the key. Take good care of it!
20 qst103319_msg0301 84 You'll find the investigating officer up on top of the cliff. Let me know if he's found anything useful!