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1 qst103312_msg001 62 私が来た時には死んでました(仮)
2 qst103312_msg101 62 おそろしや(仮)
3 qst103312_msg201 62 まさか議員の方だったなんて(仮)
4 qst103312_msg0001 84 Special Inquisitor Mòrag...? What can I do for you?
5 qst103312_msg0002 84 Senator Saundra Arascain was found murdered.
6 qst103312_msg0003 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]M-my wife?
7 qst103312_msg0004 84 You can't be serious. Tell me you're joking.
8 qst103312_msg0005 84 But... Lady Mòrag doesn't make jokes, does she?
9 qst103312_msg0006 84 Saundra... My Saunie...
10 qst103312_msg0007 84 Did she have any enemies?
11 qst103312_msg0008 84 She was...the fairest and most honest person I know. I can't imagine what anyone could possibly hold against her.
12 qst103312_msg0009 84 Although, if I had to point the finger... it would be those anti-imperialists.
13 qst103312_msg0010 84 I hesitate to mention such things in your presence, Special Inquisitor.
14 qst103312_msg0011 84 But there are many who resent the current regime and resort to violence rather than reasoned debate.
15 qst103312_msg0012 84 Of late, their efforts have grown more organized. Some people are beginning to take them seriously.
16 qst103312_msg0013 84 My wife...Saunie was planning to propose legislation to enact tighter controls on such organizations.
17 qst103312_msg0014 84 Surely that couldn't be why...
18 qst103312_msg0015 84 Tell me, where did she...?
19 qst103312_msg0016 84 My wife loved it there. She often visited without a security detail.
20 qst103312_msg0017 84 But nobody would know that, save myself and her secretary, Cruim.
21 qst103312_msg0018 84 Cruim! Cruim, are you here?
22 qst103312_msg0019 84 Where could he have gotten to? He's usually very prompt.
23 qst103312_msg0020 84 You don't think... Cruim?
24 qst103312_msg0021 84 Saundra Arascain's body is being taken to Military HQ.
25 qst103312_msg0022 84 Would you please go and take custody of it?
26 qst103312_msg0023 84 We will take care of finding this secretary.
27 qst103312_msg0024 84 Thank you, Lady Mòrag.
28 qst103312_msg0025 84 Ohhh, what am I going to tell my son? He's too young to understand...
29 qst103312_msg0026 84 Smùide Hot Spring.