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1 qst103307_msg001 62 届けてくれた?(仮)
2 qst103307_msg0001 84 Oh dear oh dear.
3 qst103307_msg0002 84 O-oh, hey, you guys. Sorry, I've just...never dealt with anything like this before.
4 qst103307_msg0003 84 Oh, thanks for taking care of it! How were the kids? I hope they're not too lonely...
5 qst103307_msg0004 84 That's good.
6 qst103307_msg0005 84 I just wish Da would come back to take care of them like he should.
7 qst103307_msg0006 84 After Ma died, he just walked out on us. "Blame the Empire, not me," he said.
8 qst103307_msg0007 84 But now it's the Empire that's putting food on our table...
9 qst103307_msg0008 84 Anyway, enough about that. This is quite the situation.
10 qst103307_msg0009 84 We don't really have any leads on the identity of the deceased woman...
11 qst103307_msg0010 84 Thanks for your support. If you could find some kind of clues, anything at all, that would be great.