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1 qst103102_msg0001 84 Ugh... Blergh... Wait just a moment, please...
2 qst103102_msg0002 84 Ahh, it's you. I hate for you to see me like this.
3 qst103102_msg0003 84 I'm not built for sea travel. Never have been. And I don't recover so quickly in my old age.
4 qst103102_msg0004 84 Thanks to you, I finally made it out here, but I can barely stand.
5 qst103102_msg0005 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Really?! You would?! That's wonderful to hear!
6 qst103102_msg0006 84 Ugh... Blergh... If I raise my voice, my head starts throbbing again... Apologies...
7 qst103102_msg0007 84 According to the villagers, ancient Nopon murals are found in three places around here.
8 qst103102_msg0008 84 I'm sure anyone with a bit of Nopon wisdom would be able to read the words written there.
9 qst103102_msg0009 84 Oh, that reminds me. I heard something strange about the murals here.
10 qst103102_msg0010 84 A villager was heading home past one of the murals late at night, and they say something seemed...different about it.
11 qst103102_msg0011 84 On a hunch, they went back the next morning, but apparently nothing in particular had changed.
12 qst103102_msg0012 84 I'm convinced there's something going on there. Would you kindly investigate?
13 qst103102_msg0101 84 There are three ancient Nopon murals in this village.
14 qst103102_msg0102 84 Reports that something strange is going on with them at night have kind of piqued my interest.