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1 qst102708_msg0001 84 Oh, you're here. What are the patient's symptoms?
2 qst102708_msg0002 84 A Flesh Eater?
3 qst102708_msg0003 84 Fusion of man and Blade...
4 qst102708_msg0004 84 Interesting. I'll help you.
5 qst102708_msg0005 84 Saw some old records about them when I was a military doctor. Didn't know they were really out there.
6 qst102708_msg0007 84 Where's the patient? ...Uraya?
7 qst102708_msg0008 84 I was with the Ardainian military. Can't go there.
8 qst102708_msg0009 84 Still, if he's half human...
9 qst102708_msg0010 84 You take care of the Blade side there. I'll deal with the human half.
10 qst102708_msg0011 84 Details can wait. I'll make a medicine.
11 qst102708_msg0012 84 I need three Gloomwood Roots... one crystal of Cloud Sea Halite... Oh, and one more thing.
12 qst102708_msg0013 84 Gotta have some kind of vegetable. One that makes you feel younger just by eating it.
13 qst102708_msg0014 84 You'll find the first two ingredients in Spirit Crucible Elpys and the Cliffs of Morytha.
14 qst102708_msg0015 84 Don't know where to find that vegetable, though. Try asking my assistant.
15 qst102708_msg0101 84 Roots... Roots...
16 qst102708_msg0201 84 Very good.
17 qst102708_msg0202 84 Just one more thing I need now.
18 qst102708_msg0203 84 Dragon Incense.
19 qst102708_msg0204 84 But from the symptoms you mentioned, the normal stuff won't cut it.
20 qst102708_msg0205 84 Got to be the pure stuff. True Dragon Incense from Uraya.
21 qst102708_msg0206 84 Go get some for me.
22 qst102708_msg0207 84 True Dragon Incense comes from the Dragon's Stomach in Uraya.
23 qst102708_msg0208 84 For a single adult male... two samples should do.
24 qst102708_msg0209 84 Bring it quick, for the patient's sake.
25 qst102708_msg0301 84 What's Dragon Incense? Assistant!
26 qst102708_msg0302 84 There. Ask him.
27 qst102708_msg0401 84 True Dragon Incense... Indeed.
28 qst102708_msg0402 84 Got to make an infusion, boil with the other ingredients and stir for three straight days and nights.
29 qst102708_msg0403 84 ...I'd probably fall asleep.
30 qst102708_msg0404 84 Assistant has other work to do, too. Can't attend to this constantly.
31 qst102708_msg0405 84 Your friends will help? Perfect.
32 qst102708_msg0501 84 Flesh Eaters... Fusions of man and Blade...
33 qst102708_msg0502 84 Just like me and roots.
34 qst102708_msg0601 84 Medicine's all finished. Very high quality.
35 qst102708_msg0602 84 Contains special ethocrines to improve the body's circulatory efficiency.
36 qst102708_msg0603 84 Ought to trigger tissue restoration once the Blade power has been normalized and... Hmm.
37 qst102708_msg0604 84 You know what? Too hard to explain. Just make him drink this and do your Blade fixing.
38 qst102708_msg0605 84 Won't be perfect, though. Nothing is.
39 qst102708_msg0606 84 He'll still die eventually. He's only human.
40 qst102708_msg0607 84 Now hurry on back to the patient.
41 qst102708_msg0701 84 I love a job well done.