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1 qst102703_msg0001 84 Haven't seen you around these parts. You after something?
2 qst102703_msg0002 84 Oh, that doctor...
3 qst102703_msg0003 84 She headed off to Toxbloom Spring. Said she was going to fetch ingredients for her new remedy or something.
4 qst102703_msg0004 84 Honestly, going to a place like that without a proper guard for protection... She's a crazy one, all right.
5 qst102703_msg0101 84 Toxbloom Spring is across Desta Plains, on the way to the Ancient Wall.
6 qst102703_msg0102 84 As you'd expect from the name, it's a dangerous place, surrounded by a poisonous swamp.
7 qst102703_msg0103 84 If you're heading that way, you'd best take care.
8 qst102703_msg0201 84 Did you ever find that doctor you were looking for?
9 qst102703_msg0202 84 She's a weird one, all right, but her skills are the real deal.
10 qst102703_msg0203 84 I saw her at work as a military doctor once. She took care of the patients with frightening efficiency.