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1 qst102702_msg0001 84 Welcome to the Smaia Clinic.
2 qst102702_msg0002 84 Ah, I see... Yes, I can see how other doctors might not be equipped to take on such an unusual case.
3 qst102702_msg0003 84 Unfortunately, Doctor Smaia isn't in the clinic right now.
4 qst102702_msg0004 84 She's on a trip to Temperantia, as part of her research on a new remedy.
5 qst102702_msg0005 84 I believe she's currently working at the Ardainian military station there.
6 qst102702_msg0006 84 If you're in a hurry, it might be quickest to travel there and find her yourself.
7 qst102702_msg0007 84 No no, that's quite all right. Frankly, I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help after you came all this way.
8 qst102702_msg0008 84 Just...try not to be too shocked when you do meet the Doctor.
9 qst102702_msg0009 84 It's just that she's a little...eccentric. People tend to be somewhat taken aback.
10 qst102702_msg0101 84 Doctor Smaia is conducting research at the Mor Ardain military installation in Temperantia.
11 qst102702_msg0102 84 I wish you the best of luck finding her.
12 qst102702_msg0201 84 Doctor Smaia is back from her research trip. I guess things are going to get lively around here again.
13 qst102702_msg0301 84 Which ingredient would you like to hear about?
14 qst102702_msg0302 165 (Which should I ask about?)
15 qst102702_msg0303 165 Gloomwood Root
16 qst102702_msg0304 165 Cloud Sea Halite
17 qst102702_msg0305 165 A vegetable that makes you feel young
18 qst102702_msg0321 84 Gloomwood Root can be found in Spirit Crucible Elpys, or so I've heard.
19 qst102702_msg0322 84 As the name suggests, it's a root, so you'll probably find it in an area with plant life.
20 qst102702_msg0341 84 Cloud Sea Halite is a natural salt found on the Cliffs of Morytha.
21 qst102702_msg0342 84 You'll probably have the most luck in rocky areas like caves.
22 qst102702_msg0361 84 Ah yes, that's a difficult one... Doctor Smaia does demand the most oddly specific things sometimes.
23 qst102702_msg0362 84 Actually, I think I heard something about a farmer in Gormott trying to cultivate a brand-new vegetable...
24 qst102702_msg0363 84 Maybe you should go and see if that would suit our purposes.
25 qst102702_msg0401 84 Would you like to hear about Dragon Incense?
26 qst102702_msg0402 165 What should we do?
27 qst102702_msg0403 165 Hear the explanation.
28 qst102702_msg0404 165 Not interested.
29 qst102702_msg0420 84 Dragon Incense is a crystallized substance formed from the digestive secretions of the Urayan Titan.
30 qst102702_msg0421 84 It's hard to procure in large quantities, but has an exquisite aroma and medical properties, so it sells for a high price.
31 qst102702_msg0422 84 True Dragon Incense is the name given to samples of exceptionally high purity.
32 qst102702_msg0423 84 It's said that once upon a time, you could build a whole house for the price of a single True Dragon Incense crystal.
33 qst102702_msg0424 84 The secretion is unique to the Urayan Titan; no other Titans produce it.
34 qst102702_msg0425 84 I think that just about covers it. Well, good luck out there!
35 qst102702_msg0450 84 Oh, all right. Take care, then.
36 qst102702_msg0501 84 Ah, you must have found the True Dragon Incense. I can tell from the scent.
37 qst102702_msg0502 84 Mmmmmm...the fragrance is exquisite!
38 qst102702_msg0601 84 I always thought Flesh Eaters were nothing more than a legend, you know.
39 qst102702_msg0602 84 It's quite a revelation to learn that they actually exist! I'd like to meet one someday.