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1 qst102503_msg0001 84 Urghhh... Thanks. I owe you one.
2 qst102503_msg0002 84 Yes, I...think I should be all right...
3 qst102503_msg0003 84 I thought I would be safe if I just reached Garfont Village, but I may have overstretched myself a little...
4 qst102503_msg0004 84 Pilolo sent you to look for me...? Ah, so you are mercenaries as well!
5 qst102503_msg0005 84 Well, this is most fortuitous. Could you do a little job for me?
6 qst102503_msg0006 84 My field of research is Titans.
7 qst102503_msg0007 84 For the sake of that research, I was hoping to obtain some Dragon Incense from inside the Dragon's Stomach.
8 qst102503_msg0008 84 That Dragon Incense works wonders when it comes to taming Titans.
9 qst102503_msg0009 84 The last time I came here, I was able to reach the Dragon's Stomach without issue...
10 qst102503_msg0010 84 But for some reason this time, the path is blocked off and I cannot reach it.
11 qst102503_msg0011 84 If it's not too much trouble, I'd like you to find me a way inside.
12 qst102503_msg0012 84 I'll wait at the village of the Garfont Mercenaries, so let me know once the path is open.
13 qst102503_msg0013 84 It might be a difficult task, but I'm counting on you.