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1 qst102205_msg0001 84 Oh hey, there you are! Thank goodness you're all right.
2 qst102205_msg0002 84 Did you get the ingredients? Ah, yes, perfect! Thanks!
3 qst102205_msg0003 84 I'll cook them up in a jiffy. Cooking is a talent of mine!
4 qst102205_msg0101 84 I think I may have made a bit too much, haha... There's still so much left.
5 qst102205_msg0102 84 Oh, you want seconds? Thanks, that gives me a bit of confidence! Gormotti spice is great, isn't it?
6 qst102205_msg0103 84 Pretty much any fish is tasty when you bake it with a bit of fruit and a helping of good old fashioned spices!
7 qst102205_msg0104 84 Some allies I fought with once taught me that.
8 qst102205_msg0105 84 This recipe is all I have left of them...
9 qst102205_msg0106 84 I was out collecting ingredients when it happened. Like you guys just now.
10 qst102205_msg0005 84 I was young and reckless at the time, and before I knew it, I'd wandered into some vicious monsters' territory.
11 qst102205_msg0006 84 I ran straight back to the camp, fast as I could, thinking I'd be safe with the others...
12 qst102205_msg0007 84 But the camp was in a quiet area, and nobody expected a bunch of monsters to suddenly descend on it.
13 qst102205_msg0008 84 I was the only one equipped to fight, and in the end, I was the only survivor.
14 qst102205_msg0009 84 Sometimes I wish I hadn't gone back to the camp. If I'd just let the monsters eat me, everyone else would've been...
15 qst102205_msg0010 84 I'm sorry...
16 qst102205_msg0011 84 You probably didn't want to hear all this...
17 qst102205_msg0012 84 Myself, I meant to ask you to tell me all about Vandham, but I just...
18 qst102205_msg0013 84 C'mon, it looks like Corden's done eating too.
19 qst102205_msg0014 84 We should go ask him about our next tasks.
20 qst102205_msg0015 84 Next time we get a break, you'd better tell me about all the cool stuff Vandham did!