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1 qst102204_msg0001 84 Hey there! Thanks so much for helping out.
2 qst102204_msg0002 84 Kathira told me about all the cool stuff you've been doing.
3 qst102204_msg0003 84 I hear you're traveling with some incredibly rare Blades?
4 qst102204_msg0004 84 I worked with some folks who were Drivers, back in the day. Man, they were strong.
5 qst102204_msg0005 84 Oh, but I shouldn't keep you when there's work to be done! Just go ask Corden if anything's not clear.
6 qst102204_msg0101 84 Hey there! Wow, you sure made short work of those monsters! Kudos!
7 qst102204_msg0102 84 I'm pretty busy with a new task - I've been put on cooking duty!
8 qst102204_msg0103 84 For my first mission ever, they're sure not making it easy, I tell you!
9 qst102204_msg0201 84 Hey, I heard you talking with the chief! You're gonna help me out, huh?
10 qst102204_msg0202 84 That's a big help. I never expected to be cooking on my first mission, let alone finding the ingredients myself!
11 qst102204_msg0203 84 The mercenaries of Garfont are a hardened bunch, that's for sure!
12 qst102204_msg0204 84 In that case, could you help me find a couple of ingredients I need?
13 qst102204_msg0205 84 Cooking, I'm actually pretty good at, but I have no idea where to find ingredients around these parts.
14 qst102204_msg0206 84 Besides, even if something goes horribly wrong, I feel like you guys would be able to handle it.
15 qst102204_msg0207 84 Sorry... I just had a bit of a bad experience a few years back.
16 qst102204_msg0208 84 Thanks for the concern, but I'm all right.
17 qst102204_msg0209 84 So the ingredients I'm after are 7 Shade Trouts and a Tarnish Apple.
18 qst102204_msg0210 84 I'm not sure where to find them, though... Corden and Kathira might know this area better than I do.
19 qst102204_msg0211 84 Anyway, good luck! I'm counting on you!
20 qst102204_msg0301 84 Did you find those 7 Shade Trouts and a Tarnish Apple yet? I'm counting on you!
21 qst102204_msg0302 84 Corden and Kathira might have an idea where to find them. Me, I'm stumped.
22 qst102204_msg0303 84 Careful out there, OK?
23 qst102204_msg0401 84 Corden will brief you on the next mission.
24 qst102204_msg0402 84 When that's over, I want you to tell me all about the time you fought with Vandham!