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1 qst102202_msg0001 84 Oh, hey - I know you guys!
2 qst102202_msg0002 84 You fought together with Vandham, right?
3 qst102202_msg0003 84 Vandham actually took care of me this one time back when I was little.
4 qst102202_msg0004 84 I lived in Gormott until recently, but before that I lived in Uraya. That was when I met him.
5 qst102202_msg0005 84 Anyway, when I heard the big guy had passed away, I just had to come and pay my respects.
6 qst102202_msg0006 84 I'm about to head out on my first mission as a member of the band.
7 qst102202_msg0007 84 Hey, do you think you could come along too?
8 qst102202_msg0008 84 I'd love to have the chance to talk about Vandham with you guys.
9 qst102202_msg0009 84 Thanks! That's settled, then.
10 qst102202_msg0010 84 We're meeting up with our squad chief Corden in Spirit Crucible Elpys.
11 qst102202_msg0011 84 I was feeling a bit nervous, actually, but now I have you guys to talk to, I'm kind of looking forward to it!
12 qst102202_msg0012 84 I'll see you at the meetup point.