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1 qst102106_msg0001 84 Ah, there you are...
2 qst102106_msg0002 84 This is just a formality, but... are you sure you got them all?
3 qst102106_msg0003 165 (What should I say?)
4 qst102106_msg0004 165 We got all 12.
5 qst102106_msg0005 165 Apparently.
6 qst102106_msg0101 84 I will take you at your word.
7 qst102106_msg0151 84 Apparently?
8 qst102106_msg0152 84 So Juddit got less, and Arthem got more.
9 qst102106_msg0153 84 The numbers seem to add up at least, but...
10 qst102106_msg0201 84 More of those Spike Urchon have appeared near the village.
11 qst102106_msg0202 84 I don't know if it's because someone didn't do their job...or they bred more than we anticipated...
12 qst102106_msg0203 84 Thanks. I really appreciate it.
13 qst102106_msg0204 84 We'll look into the reason later. For now, go and cull the herd!