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1 qst102104_msg0001 84 Well well, meh.
2 qst102104_msg0002 165 (What should I ask?)
3 qst102104_msg0003 165 How was the subjugation mission?
4 qst102104_msg0004 165 How do you like the merc life?
5 qst102104_msg0101 84 Me defeat my three enemies and come here, quick-quick.
6 qst102104_msg0103 84 Everyone late. Mercenary work is group activity, so me wish others would get with program.
7 qst102104_msg0201 84 Is not great.
8 qst102104_msg0202 84 Me not quite grasp yet who is where, what is what in village.
9 qst102104_msg0203 84 Nopon legs stubby, moving around is pain, and so life miserable for now.