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1 qst101604_msg0001 84 So I was destined for defeat, was I?
2 qst101604_msg0002 84 I thought I was pretty good. But you guys are something else.
3 qst101604_msg0003 84 Go on, take it. My grandpa's treasure. My treasure.
4 qst101604_msg0004 84 I said take it, dammit!
5 qst101604_msg0005 84 I wasn't good enough. I couldn't get all the pieces myself.
6 qst101604_msg0006 84 Hmm? Wait a sec... Show me those pieces again, would you?
7 qst101604_msg0007 84 If you put each set of three together, it looks like they'll form two shapes... a circle and a square.
8 qst101604_msg0009 84 "Gather ye the pieces three and three and the hero's treasure ye shall reap."
9 qst101604_msg0011 84 But it doesn't seem like these shapes themselves are the treasure...
10 qst101604_msg0012 84 Well, whatever. From now on, the treasure hunting's up to you.
11 qst101604_msg0013 84 Seek out that ancient Nopon treasure for me, would you?
12 qst101604_msg0014 84 As for me, I'll just have to find myself some new treasure to hunt for!
13 qst101604_msg0015 84 See you around, mates!